Organ and Scholarship

The Organ

The Chapel organ was built in 1973 by the Cambridge firm of E. J. Johnson & Son and has 21 speaking stops distributed over two manuals and pedal with electrical key and stop action. The stops are derived from seven extended ranks and a mounted cornet, providing a wide dynamic and tonal range. The instrument was overhauled by Norman Hall & Sons in 2000, and the console was placed on a mobile platform in 2005. In the following specification, the letters A-G indicate the ranks from which each stop is derived.

Organ Specification

Organ Scholarship

Thanks to the generous response of College members, alumni and friends to the Chapel’s 40th Anniversary Appeal, the Chapel Trust is able to offer endowed Organ Scholarships through the University’s centralised scheme. The Scholarships are named after two of the earliest supporters of the Chapel and its musical life: Elizabeth Cockcroft, late wife of the College’s first Master, and Professor Anthony Kelly, Founding Fellow and distinguished Materials Scientist. Please consult the University’s Organ Scholarship pages for information on applying. The current Elizabeth Cockroft Organ Scholar is Owen Crawford.

The chapel choir is run by the organ scholars and the College’s Director of Music-Making (the Chapel itself has no Director of Music). They recruit, rehearse and accompany the choir and choose the repertoire for services in consultation with the Chaplain. There is one service each week, held on Sunday evenings, which employs a variety of liturgies through the term, including Choral Evensong.

Since Organ Scholars are appointed to the Chapel, they have no formal responsibilities for extracurricular music-making in the College. However, the Organ Scholars are encouraged to collaborate with the Music Sizar (an undergraduate student who holds a bursary from the College to lead music-making there) and to liaise with the Director of Music-Making.

Each Organ Scholar receives an annual bursary of £450 and up to a further £250 towards music lessons. College rooms with an upright or a digital piano are set aside for the Organ Scholars. Once per term, the Chapel Trustees host the Chapel Choir and the Organ Scholars for dinner at High Table.

Like all members of College, Organ Scholars have access to Churchill’s Music Centre, which houses a Steinway grand piano (model B) and a French two-manual harpsichord, which was built for the College by David Rubio in 1983 and is regarded as one of the finest in Cambridge.

Prospective candidates interested in applying for an Organ Scholarship are very welcome to contact the Chairman of the Chapel Trustees, for more information or to arrange a visit.

Chapel Bursaries