The Chapel at Churchill College


Sundays at 17.45


*April 30                                                          Choral Evensong

Mental health: has Christianity anything to contribute?                  The Chaplain


May 7                                                               Evening Prayer

“No more sea? Really?”                                                                           The Chaplain


*May 14                                                            Choral Evensong

Capitalism diminishes the credibility of God                                      The Chaplain


May 21                                                                Evening Service

Paul’s Jesus – promoted to glory                                                           The Chaplain


*May 28                                                             Choral Evensong 

Ecocide: a non-Christian view                                                                 Dr Patrick Curry

June 4                                                                Evening Service

1+1+1=1                                                                              The Rev’d Dr John Rawlinson


*June 11                                                           Choral Eucharist

A sense of an ending (and a beginning)                                                The Chaplain


June 18                                  Evening Service Without Hymns

No Sermon


(At services marked * the Inter Alios Choir of Churchill & Murray Edwards Colleges will sing.)




Our preachers this Easter term:

Dr Patrick Curry is Canadian-born but a long-term Londoner with an abiding interest in the philosophy of nature, especially ecological ethics and the environmental humanities. This is attended by an awareness of the sacred in or as nature, although he has shied away from any formal affiliations. (His longest relationship of this kind is with Buddhism.) His most recent book, “Art and Enchantment; How Wonder Works” was published in March by Routledge.

The Rev’d Dr John Rawlinson is the previous chaplain to the Chapel at Churchill College and needs no further introduction.

The Chapel at Churchill College is ecumenical and provides a locus for all Christian people in the College community. Any Christian group seeking a venue for prayer, Bible study or discussion, and other groups wishing to use the Chapel should approach Dr. Martyn Johnson or the Chaplain.

Please feel free to come to the Chapel at any time for private prayer and as a place for quite reflection. Baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorial services may be arranged by speaking to the Chaplain.


Chairman of Chapel Trustees: Dr Martyn Johnson

Chaplain: Rev’d Nigel Cooper